LIVING BY ALFA is not just a concept on paper. The first LIVING BY ALFA is built as part of IrmaByen near Copenhagen. By spring 2023, people will start moving into the 150 apartments. LIVING BY ALFA IrmaByen will serve as a laboratory for the new concept, to learn and develop further based on experience from real life. The idea is to design and build similar concepts in other places in Denmark, Sweden and the UK, always tailored to the specific location and target groups. Visit Living by ALFA Irmabyen, Denmark’s first, full-service living concept
“Our drive is to constantly be at the forefront of innovation within the co-living sector.
This means looking at and reacting to megatrends such as shifts in demographics, urbanization/ suburbanization, downsizing as well as changing family structures and lifestyles.

We translate the trends into tangible living concepts that fulfil the dreams and expectations of our customers today and tomorrow
Andreea KaiserCo-founder and Group CEO

Development of new living concepts

We see our role as developers not just in the context of a single building or location, but also as a part of society and the world around us. We have the greater impact of our actions in mind. We want to make a positive difference for people and nature by raising the standards of our industry. Therefore, we look to new living concepts that make life convenient, pleasant and healthy for the people, who live, work, shop and play in the neighbourhoods we develop.

Biodiversity Impact

We want to take care of the planet and protect ecosystems and biodiversity in the built environment. We do this by: • Planting one new tree for every housing unit in new developments • Inviting nature into the neighborhood to support a varied wildlife and flora locally • Encouraging urban farming and planting fruit trees and edible plants as part of the vegetation • Protecting against heavy rainfalls and use rainwater for recreational purposes

Planetary Responsibility Foundation

In 2021, ALFA Development founders Andreea Kaiser and Ludvig Find established the Planetary Responsibility Foundation. 15% of the annual profit from ALFA Development is transferred to the Foundation that will plant native trees at the edges of national parks to sequester carbon and expand the space for wildlife and biodiversity to flourish. The Foundation also supports knowledge sharing on sustainable solutions by creating a global platform for exchange of ideas, know-how and solutions.