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Irmabyen is located on the former industrial site once home to the HQ of Danish supermarket chain, ‘Irma.’ Established in the 60’s, the area is characterized by ‘Kaffetårnet’ or ‘The Coffee Tower’ where beans were once roasted to supply coffee for the supermarket chain. ALFA was attracted by the potential of the 13,6 hectare site by looking at its location in the municipality of Rødovre - on the edge of Copenhagen, the surroundings and the wealth of nature trails; professional sport facilities; and adjacency to one of Denmark’s leading shopping centers. The development really was about looking into the future and developing a close and collaborative working relationship with the Municipality of Rødovre to achieve their goals for building out a new area of their City. The local plan was approved in 2015, and since that August ground breaking, ALFA Development has transformed the area, incorporating a mix of housing totaling over 135.000 m2 of residential and retail uses and over 1000 new homes. The development alone has increased the population of Rødovre by ten percent. The sheer size of Irmabyen has allowed for many innovative social and sustainable concepts to be introduced. With Irmabyen already being a tight-knit community, the final project to be developed on this site, Living By Alfa, is an innovative new co-living concept centered around a Clubhouse and bringing people together. Opening in early 2023, the Clubhouse for Living By Alfa will provide common areas, offer services and activities to its members. On the environmental front, Irmabyen’s development also includes the implementation of cloudburst flood management for up to a 100 year event within the public realm. This innovation has been integrated into the parks, piazzas and beautiful outdoor areas throughout Irmabyen. Irmabyen received the Best Masterplan Award at the European Property Awards in 2020, and awarded Best Architecture in the Multiple Residence category in 2021. The project complies with the Nordic sustainability Charter and DGNB Gold.
LocationRødovreProjectIrmabyenSize135,000 m2




LocationKorsdalsvej 101, 2610 RødovreProjectLIVING BY ALFABuilt byALFA DevelopmentSize17,305 m2Unit typesServiced rental housing, Residential, Retail, Office
While Living by Alfa is a project within the Irmabyen Community, it also represents a strategic new area for ALFA Development. The project is the result of several years research of global megatrends, local demographics, shifts in the way we live, community based technology and other factors. It is a move towards the hotelization of real-estate and a new concept that ALFA Development intends to roll out throughout the rest of Denmark, Sweden and the UK. Living By Alfa is a private-club based Build-to-Rent community. Totalling 17.285 sqm, where 13.227 sqm are residential, the building offers 163 units, with 62 specific to 55+ Active Living and 101 units for singles, couples, families and the expat community. The ground floor contains a 480sqm Clubhouse as its centerpiece, offering common areas such as a lobby, lounge, event areas, children’s playroom, private cinema, and guest bedrooms. The building also offers a high quality restaurant, take-away, 2 large supermarkets and specialty shops with total commercial/retail space of 4.058 sqm. The Clubhouse at Living By Alfa is professionally operated with partner, IHA, who will provide hotel-like services and activities for the tenants. The Community Manager comes from the hospitality industry and plans a full program for the Club members – also through the use of a proprietary App developed by Wicomico. The Clubhouse has been designed by Danish interior designer Ulrik Wang to reflect comfort and convenience. Living By Alfa was named Best Emerging Coliving Concept at the UN Habitat World Urban Forum in June 2022.See more +


LocationKaffevej 37, 2610 Rødovre ProjectTerrassehavenBuilt byALFA DevelopmentSize12,600 m2Unit typesCondos, Apartments
Terraces are the recurring theme in this building with 138 condominiums. Roof top terraces in shifted levels and terraces at ground level offer limitless opportunities for enjoying the sun and view from your preferred perspective. Here again, to facilitate the built up of a community, part of the building was designated for the 60 plus segmentSee more +


LocationKrydderivej 1 -29, 2610 RødovreProjectSkiferhuseneBuilt byALFA DevelopmentSize2,252 m2Unit typesCondos, Townhouses, Residential
15 townhouses, each with their own exquisite architectural expression, created with affectionate references to the townhouses, ‘Kartoffelrækkerne’, in the centre of Copenhagen. The slated facades are a big part of the identity of the houses and seem almost alive with the bays elegantly erupting the lines.See more +


LocationIrmavej 1-5 + Krydderivej 31-57, 2610 RødovreProjectOrangerihavenBuilt byALFA DevelopmentSize2,252 m2Unit typesTownhouses, Residential
21 one-level townhomes, most with a private orangery, were created for the 60 plus segment. A well-planned house, optimized for minimal maintenance and easy access. Large common spaces and gardens were designed to create cozy, meeting places and facilitate the building of a strong community.See more +


LocationMokkavej 15, 2610 RødovreProjectMokkahuseneBuilt byALFA DevelopmentSize8,000 m2Unit typesCondos, Apartments, Residential
Four tower blocks with 73 condominiums in total. The architecture of the buildings is inspired by Irma’s strong identity and firm values; quality, sense of responsibility and eye for simplicity. This reveals itself on the sturdy facades rising in solid, cubic shapes broken by terraced levels, creating visual variations and quality, protected outdoor spaces. See more +


LocationKrydderivej 89, 2610 RødovreProjectEspehavenBuilt byALFA DevelopmentSize4,630 m2Unit typesTownhouses, Residential
40 townhouses created for families with children using quality materials. Modern lay-outs with open spaces carefully optimising every square meter, making room for both privacy and family time. See more +


LocationKaffevej 25-31, 2610 RødovreProjectUdsigtsparkenBuilt byALFA DevelopmentSize5,100 m2Unit typesCondos, Apartments
46 rather large condominiums with private and common outdoor spaces. The building is shaped as an ‘L’ in order to fit smoothly in its surroundings and to provide shelter to the private courtyard with space for the youngest to play. As in the other developments in Irma Byen, focus is placed on practical layouts with large windows and useful private terraces. See more +


LocationPlantagevej 42, 2610 RødovreProjectBaristarækkerneBuilt byALFA DevelopmentSize2,400 m2Unit typesCondos, Townhouses, Residential
16 townhouses where you do not have to choose between nature and the city, because here everything is within reach. BARRISTARÆKKERNE consists of beautiful, modern terraced houses in both two and three levels with the Espelunden park as neighbour.See more +


LocationKrydderivej2-8, 2610 RødovreProjectStempelhuseneBuilt byALFA DevelopmentSize9,480 m2Unit typesCondos, Townhouses
In Stempelhusene’s cooperative housing, focus is on the community. Ownership and the right to enjoy the eye-catching architecture as well as the many green outdoor areas is shared. The four houses stand as single, harmonious imprints – as a small family in characterful architecture and green surroundings. Stempelhusene offers six residential roofs in each of the houses. See more +


LocationPlantagevej74-86, 2610 RødovreProjectParkkantenBuilt byALFA DevelopmentSize11,170 m2Unit typesCondos, Townhouses, Residential
With a unique location directly to IrmaByen’s own park, Den Grønne Kile, outdoor space and views have been an important factor in the creation of Parkkanten. The ground floor apartments are raised in level, so even on the ground floor you lhave direct view of the park. The large, deep balconies, which offer the light, the view and the green life from the park all the way inside, are also a hallmark of Parkkanten’s homes. On the 6th floor there is a very special two-level penthouse which has private roof terraces at the top. See more +


LocationPlantagevej 1, 2610 RødovreProjectPlantagerækkerneBuilt byALFA DevelopmentSize2,900 m2Unit typesCondos, Townhouses, Residential
The Plantagerækkerne consists of four different housing types divided into 4 rows with 5 terraced houses in each – and with fine green areas between the rows for play and outdoor life and activities. In addition, IrmaByen is connected to Espelunden via a small gravel path, which elegantly meanders between the Plantagerækkerne, and thus creates accessibility and community for pedestrians and cyclists. See more +


LocationPlantagevej 43, 2610 RødovreProjectEspeportenBuilt byALFA DevelopmentSize5,055 m2Unit typesCondos, Townhouses, Residential
ESPEPORTEN consists of 50 owner-occupied flats and completes IrmaByen to the north, where the buildings mark the transition between town and park. ESPEPORTEN rises in staggered building heights along Espelunden’s large, green park area to the north, and out to IrmaByen’s own park, Kilen, to the east. To the south, the L-shaped buildings form the framework for a beautiful, open southwest-facing courtyard environment, raised on terrain that catches the afternoon and evening sun. Two gate openings in the building provide access to all the greenery on the other side. Currently under construction for handover in spring 2023.See more +

Kernehuset (IB9)

LocationKrydderivej 3, 2610 RødovreProjectKernehuset (IB9)Built byALFA DevelopmentSize8,120 m2Unit typesCondos, Residential
The Kernehuset building was developed by ALFA Development and sold to Bouwfonds. The project consists of 82 beautiful, well-functioning apartments ranging from 71 sq m to 135 sq m. All apartments have a large, beautiful and secluded balcony that can function as an extra room as soon as spring and summer arrive. The apartments are designed in a timeless Nordic style with light-coloured walls, beautiful hardwood floors, designer kitchens and quality details throughout. Light floods in from the large windows and brightens up the functional rooms with high-standard finishes.See more +