ALFA Development ready for new projects in 2024


ALFA Development ready for new projects in 2024

As we enter 2024, urban and property developer ALFA Development announces the company ready for growth. With a solid financial foundation in the family-owned business and the addition of two new developers, the company is well-prepared for new project opportunities.

Owner and Group CEO at ALFA Development, Andreea Kaiser, remains optimistic despite somewhat subdued European market prospects where high interest rates lead to decreased investment enthusiasm and put pressure on construction loan rates. She views the possibilities within urban and property development for her company as positive for 2024 and is prepared to seize the right project opportunities when they arise..

"We are intensifying our growth strategy and exploring project possibilities and strategic alliances in the Scandinavian metropolitan regions around Copenhagen, Aarhus, Stockholm, as well as Lund and Malmö. That being said, we operate with a long-term perspective and are willing to wait for the perfect projects that allow us to unfold our visions for urban and property development," says Andreea Kaiser, owner and Group CEO..

By the end of 2024, ALFA Development expects to have approved local plans for the construction of over 90,000 sqm of property for the middle-income market. Additionally, there are plans for further 60,000 sqm in Denmark in the coming years, and simultaneously, development projects are underway in Stockholm and the Skåne region in Sweden.

Ongoing Danish projects include the Rovsingsgade district in Copenhagen, the Valhøj district in the Copenhagen suburb Rødovre, and Mørkhøj Bygade in Søborg, while a significant development project for the Nature District Marienlyst in Aarhus is awaiting the local planning process.

New Hires to Support the Strategy

As part of the growth strategy, ALFA Development has extended the team with two new profiles in urban and property development. Hakan Tasdemir joined as Project Development Director in December 2023, coming from a similar position at Danish FB Gruppen. On January 1 2024, Oliver Lorentz Larsen started as a Senior Developer, coming most recently from a position as Project Developer at Danish Nordstern.

"With several ongoing urban development projects and a strong desire to offer more Danes and Swedes the opportunity to experience our innovative serviced living concepts, we need to strengthen our development organization. Hakan Tasdemir and Oliver Lorentz Larsen will contribute to this with their strong skills and experiences," says Andreea Kaiser, owner and Group CEO.

Build-to-Rent Concept to be Expanded and Scaled

Following the completion of the urban flagship project in IrmaByen, where ALFA Development has established an entirely new neighborhood with an innovative living concept, the company's Build-to-Rent (BTR) concept, LIVING BY ALFA, will be scaled and further developed as part of the growth strategy. Andreea Kaiser predicts significant opportunities for the Build-to-Rent trend in both Denmark and Sweden, and ALFA Development aims to exploit this area both independently and through strategic collaborations.

"Build-to-Rent is a strong trend in the USA and the UK, and to some extent in Sweden. More and more people are seeking smaller, affordable homes, and in return, they want more convenience, service, and community in their daily lives. We address this with LIVING BY ALFA that combines the best of living in one's apartment with the service level of a hotel," says Andreea Kaiser.

In IrmaByen, over 160 apartments are part of LIVING BY ALFA and the homes were quickly let due to the well-run community with plenty of shared activities, services, and facilities. The next LIVING BY ALFA project in the Copenhagen area is in the planning stages, with the mission to expand the concept to Aarhus and further to Stockholm, and Skåne in Sweden.

About ALFA Development

ALFA Development is a Nordic developer with over 30 employees, operating in Denmark and Sweden. Founded in 2006 as a family-owned business, the company's mission is to strive for quality of life in the development of attractive and innovative urban environments and properties for the middle class. ALFA Development draws inspiration from local building traditions combined with international development and building trends.

ALFA Development is part of a business group that rethinks the industry and its solutions. The sister company, ALFA Ventures, invests in startups with a focus on sustainability, biodiversity, human quality of life, and property technology.

In 2022, ALFA Development's owners, Andreea Kaiser and Ludvig Find, established the Planetary Responsibility Foundation (PRF), whose main purpose is to protect and restore nature and biodiversity through international investments in projects and knowledge sharing. A portion of ALFA Development's profits is donated to the foundation each year.

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