ALFA Development is to develop a new diverse neighbourhood on Rovsingsgade in Copenhagen


As of 1 September, ALFA Development has acquired 20,000 square meters of land on Rovsingsgade in Copenhagen with a view to transforming the existing business area into a new sustainable neighbourhood focusing on quality of life, community, green areas and diversity.

With the newly acquired plot of land on Rovsingsgade, ALFA Development plans to unite Copenhagen areas Nørrebro, Østerbro and Nordvest in a new, safe neighbourhood with a special focus on diversity, community and sustainability, collaborating closely with the Municipality of Copenhagen and the other landowners in the area. The plan is to create a mixed urban district with a combination of housing and light commercial activities.

Rovsingsgade stretches over 1.3 km in the old industrial area on the border between Nørrebro, Østerbro and Nordvest. The street connects Tagensvej and Lyngbyvej and functions as an extension of the old railway, which has now been transformed into the popular Nørrebroparken.

Today, the area houses several major car chains and industrial buildings that have increasingly been accompanied by innovative start-ups and various types of creative businesses that have settled and given new life to the area. On the other side of the plot is a large residential area, with a combination of freehold flats, cooperative housing and public housing, while one of the area's largest industrial buildings has just been completely renovated and converted into a modern office.

The area offers several green areas that complements the urban expression and ensure that the residents of the area can easily and safely move around on foot and by bicycle. The area is surrounded by specialist shops and large supermarkets, and schools, institutions and sports facilities are within walking distance. The area offers several cafés, restaurants and bakeries, while the metro, train and bus lines make the infrastructure optimal, whether you are going in or out of the city.

“With the acquisition of the Rovsingsgade plot, we want to create a new neighbourhood that complements and strengthens the many qualities that the area already offers. It must be a green and sustainable neighbourhood that contributes to local cohesion and quality of life for everyone who will live and be in the area, and at the same time ensures a natural connection to the surrounding city. For ALFA, quality of life and sustainability are key words, and we strive to incorporate this understanding in everything we do – from development and construction of the building to handing over the area to the new residents,”

- CEO Jan Kristensen, ALFA Development.

At present, the plan is for the new neighbourhood on Rovsingsgade to embrace a broad target group, from the small family that appreciates the city's offerings, the security and proximity to institutions, to the senior couple who are looking for communities, green areas and good infrastructure . And there is a special reason for that:

_"The area might provide the opportunity to convert part of the plot of land on Rovsingsgade into another LIVING BY ALFA concept, the first of which is currently under construction in IrmaByen in Rødovre. Here, the focal point is community, convenience and social interaction across generations. LIVING BY ALFA are rental flats surrounded by activities, services and common areas, which are facilitated by a Community Manager who ensures that the community takes shape and is supported,"_ concludes Jan Kristensen.

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