Strong results for ALFA Development based on strong activity and outstanding team efforts


2021 was a satisfactory year with high activity, resulting in a turnover of DKK 605 million. In addition, the group sold investment properties for DKK 1,074 million and acquired properties for development in Glostrup and Herlev. Net profit for the year amounted to DKK 152 million and equity increased by 18% to DKK 1,066 million, corresponding to a solvency ratio of 48%.

“I am very proud that we are, once again, delivering a satisfactory result based on solid foundations and strong teamwork. Despite another year marked by the consequences of the pandemic, everyone has made extraordinary efforts to ensure the sale of three portfolio properties and every single owner-occupied home in production with delivery in 2022,” says CEO Jan Kristensen.


ALFA Development continues its strategic work towards a long-term presence in Greater Copenhagen and Aarhus, where the company has already purchased a large area of land at Brendstrup for residential development. After making significant divestments of investment properties last year and a reluctant stance to buying land, due to high prices, ALFA Development expects the coming year to offer interesting acquisition opportunities.

"Despite a generally challenged real estate market, we are active in the market for buying land, building rights and investment properties with development potential for the development and sale of sustainable homes," says Jan Kristensen.


ALFA Development are seeking new ways and want to develop new solutions that contribute to the development of sustainable urban environments that create the framework for people's quality of life with the least possible damage to the climate and environment. In 2021, we entered into a collaboration with the digital DGNB management platform FRAME, which ensures that all projects are monitored and documented in the future, just as sustainability measures are defined and prioritized. The goal is for all rental homes to comply with the requirements for both DGNB Gold, and for all projects to comply with the EU's voluntary sustainability class as a minimum.

In order to create the optimal foundation for growth and well-being, in 2021 ALFA Development transformed a portfolio property on Knud Højgaards Vej in Søborg into a new domicile for the group. The property is among the first 10 properties in Denmark to be DGNB Gold certified as Building in Use. In addition to this, in 2021 the developer initiated the construction of the DGNB-precertified serviced living concept LIVING BY ALFA in IrmaByen.

With an ambition to contribute to a transformation in the industry towards more sustainable and customer-oriented solutions, the group established the sister company ALFA Venture ApS in 2021 with a goal of investing € 20 million in start-up companies within the real estate industry.

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