Sustainable solutions are at the core of our projects. For us, sustainability has three dimensions: climate and environmental impact; social impact; and biodiversity impact. For all three areas, we have listed principles and specific requirements and goals, which guide us - and our cooperation partners - in every development project. We measure and document our results to ensure transparency throughout the project life cycle.
Climate Effect
Social Effect
Biodiversity Effect
Responsible and sustainable solutions
diversity and community
In harmony with nature

Climate and environmental impact

Buildings consume vast amounts of energy and resources during construction, operation and maintenance. We minimize the climate and environmental impact by: • Ensuring that all projects live up to the DGNB Gold criteria, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the Danish Voluntary Sustainability Standard • Securing that our buildings emit less than 8 kg CO2/m2/year • Applying circular design strategies, promoting reuse and recycling of materials

Social impact

We believe that the quality of buildings is vital for well-being and health. In all our projects, we strive to: • Foster quality of life by creating well-functioning and secure neighbourhoods and buildings that satisfy the dreams and needs of different customer groups • Offer a good indoor climate, created by the use of healthy building materials • Respect the history and cultural heritage of the neighborhood and specific buildings

Biodiversity Impact

We want to take care of the planet and protect ecosystems and biodiversity in the built environment. We do this by: • Planting one new tree for every housing unit in new developments • Inviting nature into the neighborhood to support a varied wildlife and flora locally • Encouraging urban farming and planting fruit trees and edible plants as part of the vegetation • Protecting against heavy rainfalls and use rainwater for recreational purposes

Planetary Responsibility Foundation

In 2022, our Founders established the Planetary Responsibility Foundation. ALFA Development gives an annual pledge to the Foundation that through impact investments will develop and deploy nature restoration projects and share knowledge for a more sustainable building industry. Learn more on
“Everyone is concerned about climate changes and for a good reason.
Especially in the building sector, which is responsible for a great deal of the carbon footprint of the world.

But Andreea and I are also very concerned about the biodiversity of the planet, an issue that tends to be somewhat forgotten in comparison with the other big challenges of today.

That is why we have established the Planetary Responsibility Foundation so that we can give our small contribution.
Ludvig FindCo-founder